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Let’s talk about something really important — your business, your rules.

Here’s the truth: it’s hard to drop the habit pounded into us from school age on. We need to work hard, we go to school around 8-3, we work 9-5, and so on and so forth.

However, you likely became an entrepreneur for more freedom. Many of us often fall into bad habits of becoming workaholics. An email pings and you jump to answer it. A message comes through your DMs, and you NEED to answer it right that minute… but do you?

You get to set the hours of operation, days of operation, rules of operation, and expectations. Boundaries allow those to continue — and it’s HARD sometimes.

I’ve been working on reminding myself of this particular sentiment a lot this year.

I have goals, sure. But if I want to switch the day I’m doing a live, then I am fully capable (and it’s okay to do so!). If I don’t want to hop on a call, I can simply give a different day as an availability.

My business, my rules.

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The same goes for you.

I know a few who only work Tuesdays and Thursdays. Or those that take Fridays or Mondays off. Your business, your rules.

What are you going to set as a rule in your business for yourself??

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Your Business, Your Rules


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