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In case you’ve forgotten, this is your reminder: you have a voice… use it!

You have two voices to use.

Not only do you have your physical voice, but you have that internal one whispering (and sometimes screaming) at you.

Yes, I want you to start truly embracing your physical voice, but an important piece to being able to do that is by giving a bit of attention to your inner voice first.

A couple of ways to help you let your inner voice step into the forefront more:

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Self-Reflect –

Give yourself a moment to reflect and see what parts of your day you enjoyed and which parts you didn’t. Use that as momentum to hone in on what is important to you and how to organize your days.

Ignite, Don’t Extinguish –

We often find ourselves hushing that little voice inside as we focus on our “duties” and “responsibilities” (I know because I do this a lot). It’s important, however, to keep your flame lit and feed it so it can grow!

What are some ways you listen to your inner voice and use it to help guide your external voice??

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