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Just to get everyone on the right train of thought for this, here’s a little diddy you may recognize:

Henry Ford said it so profoundly when he stated, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Think about it. When you decide to hire a Virtual Assistant, that marks the beginning. Ironing out the kinks and getting through the learning curve lies the progress. And, finally, the culmination of a project seen through to the end projects success. Of course, finding someone you communicate well with proves important. But, being open minded to the process of gaining each other’s trust and finding that “sweet spot” where over-explaining to ensure no misunderstandings happen is truly essential.

Another way of looking at the working relationship: if you begin eating right or working out, do you expect to see results overnight or even in a couple of days? The answer is likely no. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find someone who just jives well and “gets” you. But, no two people are alike, so prepare for the moments where you may need to have two or three drafts before arriving at a satisfying result/project completion. Patience on both ends is vital in keeping the heart (and minds) pumping with the best work.

Fresh ideas, brainstorming, and working through the kinks can end in a beautiful product that may even exceed what you thought possible or had envisioned. So, take a step back, a deep breath, and test the waters. When you’re set to jump, be ready for any ups and downs, but know that you’ve got support to help lift you up and battle anything at your side. The right fit will go to bat for you, be honest, welcome feedback as well as provide it, and just be another person (or people) in your corner.

So, whistle while you work, begin, process, and reach success.

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