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Admittedly, I struggle with the working from home balance sometimes. Truly shutting off and not saying, “I’ll just get this done real quick” is a hard itch not to scratch. However, more and more I’m realizing the importance of sticking to my “working” hours as much as possible and using the remaining time to engage with my family. My guest, Susie Liberatore, shares a few of her tips for finding your balance (and sticking to it).

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Five tips for your scale…

Working as a mother, in general, is exhausting but is a must. You can’t feel guilty about working and trying to balance life out as it is. You have to be able to plan and stick to it.

Here are some tips that I have for you:

Have Family Time:

This might make you say duh but really plan for some family time. Take time to read, or do whatever your kids might want to do, DAILY. No excuse; use the last 1-2 hours at night for them. The work will still be there whether it’s business or personal.

Working Mom Balance Tips

No Emails on your Phone:

This is an ongoing battle. I might not have the email on my phone, but I have clients who call or text. Let your audience/work know that there are set hours and you will respond accordingly.

Balance Working Mom TipsMake Lists:

This point is a huge one!! This is my favorite! Just because I could make tons of lists all day, every day. I have lists for everything (groceries, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc). You need to be as organized as you can be so that you can be more productive and less stressed.

Meal Prep/Plan:

This tip is a huge time saver. You need to know what you are making for all meals every single day. This simply means that you don’t need to spend time looking for something else to make because it’s already in progress.

Working Mom Balance TipsAllow You Time:

This part of balance is another favorite one of mine. I take a bath weekly (I shower every day, don’t worry). But, I take a bath, listen to music, catch up on life, add bubbles, do whatever I want weekly. I allow a half hour per week for this! Then, I allow girl time or more me time. I rotate components I want to do (a day with the girls, shopping, pedicures, massages, hair appointments, whatever). I set aside these times as my schedule permits. You will feel SO refreshed and can tackle working and mom life again!

Take baby steps to each item listed above. You can’t change things overnight, so don’t try. Just do what you can and adjust as needed. Take notes of what worked and what didn’t, why they didn’t, and how to change it. You will find your balance; it gets easier this way! 

Susie HeadshotLogical Living is a blog about life: DIY, frugal life, lifestyle, fashion, and parenting challenges. We are a family blog talking about all the things that go into our tactical logical daily lives; we are the Liberatore family Susie, Chris, and Antonio.

We have fun, live a little, and enjoy life too much; and love to share our stories with our audience.

Chris loves to keep up with home projects; he is super handy! He has remodeled houses, created corn hole boards, and worked on endless car projects. Susie is a graphic designer and marketing girl by day and blogger by night. She keeps things very organized and loves the creative end of things. Antonio is a two-year-old boy who loves to be the center of attention, being a toddler, and constantly trying to get in trouble. He is one of the happiest kids, ever and is always smiling. Join us on our journey! 

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