Affiliate - When it's Time to Add a Team Member

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, to say the least.

I barely had a moment to come up for a breath.

We had:

  • Appointments for the kids
  • Appointments for the dog
  • End of school year concerts
  • End of school year awards/activities
  • Friend’s kiddo’s 6th-grade graduation
  • Etc.

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But you know what?

Even among allllll that chaos, I was able to accomplish some great feats:

  • Sign up for camps
  • Record more interviews for the Driven Moms series
  • Outline my 1-1 program
  • Attend an amazing business Zoom call featuring Candace Nelson (formerly from Sprinkles Cupcakes… now with Pizzana)!!!! (LOVE HER and Sparkle Hustle Grow for having her as a guest)
  • So much more…

Honestly, there were a few moments I thought I must be a hot mess and might not make it.

But time and time again, I heard, “how are you still smiling?” or “how do you stay so calm?”

I can 100% admit to the fact that I wasn’t always able to handle it well.

Over the last year or so, I’ve really worked on priorities and boundaries, saying yes to clients who feel like a great match, realizing that it won’t be perfect every day and adjustments will need to happen.

Yet, a good portion is attributed to the fact that I have built an amazing support system and hired professionals or added to my team to lean on and act as reinforcements to call in when I feel like tapping out.

They keep me going, help me out, and make it all possible behind the scenes.

This is my way of telling you that you can reach success even with you’re in the midst of a sh*tstorm. Just find something solid to hang on to and propel yourself forward.

You’ll get through it, and while it might stink, it can still be fun and worthwhile.

Have you started building your support system or adding to your team/hiring help yet in your life and business??

Remember, PAVE your way.

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