Affiliate - When it's Time to Add a Team Member

So much to do; what do you do when you need to create more time?

You need some help, but you don’t know if you need ENOUGH help in your business to hire someone.

You’ve got it all under control… until you don’t. Then, you don’t have the time to teach someone because you’re in the throes of staying afloat.

More often than not, you need help when you’re in the calm before the storm. When you think everything is fine. The most successful investments I’ve made in my business have been from trusting my instinct, knowing I’m aligned with the person or the tool, taking a few days (because I’m a Virgo and a planner by nature and need to feel like it’s a logical decision), and deciding.

That decision is based on whether I feel the investment will help me in the way I need it to. It generally comes back around to time.

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I started my business myself. I did it all.

-built my website
-started my social platforms
-made all my images
-watched tutorials and took courses and Googled how to do things
-posted every day, on the fly, before I figured out how to write ahead and schedule
-trial and error to figure out what I thought marketing meant
-started an email list, newsletter, freebies, opt-ins, etc.
-networking, engaging, endless scrolling, and group joining before I figured out what worked best for me

Slowly, I began investing in tools like a time tracker I liked, a project management system that worked well for the way I work.

Next came the next investments of someone to help me redo the website I COULD have done but would have taken me probably 10 times as long to complete.

Then, coaches to help with marketing because courses were great but time-consuming and I no longer had the time to spend teaching myself. The extra guidance and accountability were needed.

Finally, adding team members to support the work I do and the backend tasks that again, I can do, but are not conducive to helping me reach my goals.

All of those were SCARY because it meant more outgoing when I had to trust that I would increase to accommodate and offset or surpass the cost.

You know what else it meant? The results I was getting on my own were all pieces I knew I could duplicate and grow with the added help every time (not always immediately, but I saw the potential and probability).

You may not always feel ready for the next step, but sometimes the next step calls to you when it’s necessary.

Pay attention to TIME and when you need to create more of it. Use that as part of your guide.

And before TIME’S up, let’s chat. DM me to see how Mom Elevated Services can be that RELIEF for you — and remember you don’t have to do it alone.

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