Affiliate - When it's Time to Add a Team Member

We often keep plugging away because the idea of handing off some of our tasks is more overwhelming than the thought of just grinning and bearing it.

BUT, in order to truly grow, you have to let go. Delegation will allow you to refocus on more important tasks.

And here are some things to look for to know when it’s time to add a team member:

Time Drained

You are running out of hours in the day. While you CAN do it all, you’re sacrificing sleep, time with family and friends, etc. Be aware that often we simply need to realize that we’ll do a better job if we allow someone to free up some of our time.

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Your Dance Card is Full

You want to scale, but more clients/customers make you a bit anxious at the moment. Again, there’s only so much of you. Finding that new team member to fill a role will free up the mental space for new clients/customers to move in.

Systems in Place —

You have a specific way of doing things that would be easily explainable. This allows for a fairly smooth transition for moving someone into your business alongside you. And it gives you a way to measure how well they are filling the position.


You’ve hit an income plateau. This is usually due to Time or Dance Card reasons, but you need to open up ways for you to get beyond that wall. Once you have a chance to take a step back, you’ll be able to see different angles on how to break through.

Which stands out to you?
What else would you add to this list of looking for when you should look at adding a team member?

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When it's Time to Add a Team Member


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