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As you move into business ownership, your mindset needs to shift to that of a CEO. What does that mean?? Here’s what a CEO Mindset is according to my kids…

I asked each of my three kids what it means to have a CEO mindset. Let’s see what they had to say…
My 9-year-old says, “You own your mindset. You own your own thoughts.”
My 5-year-old says, “You own a business. It would be pretty obnoxious.” Her sister clarified: “I get it, I get it. Sometimes you have too many thoughts, and then it gets obnoxious.”
My 13-year-old says, “You have to be smart.”
They’re young, and they get it. To a point. When you have to be smart all the time, own your own thoughts, and have so many thoughts that sometimes it gets obnoxious, you need to have ways to keep those thoughts from overwhelming you constantly.
Don’t just take my kids’ words for it, Peter Diamandis hit the nail on the head with this quote:Your mindset matters. It affects everything – from the business and investment decisions you make, to the way you raise your children, to your stress levels and overall well-being.

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