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Yep. I said it. And guess what? I’m still a good mom. I’m still here. My kiddos are still taken care of, provided for, and alive.

That’s okay.

My business? Still here. Running in the background. Continuing on without me frantically doing this or that to keep it at the forefront.

Some days you just need to relax. Tough concept; I hear you. The importance of this remains.

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Just like your children, you will have off days. We reassure them that they are allowed to feel that way, their feelings are validated and acceptable. Why do we shut that door for ourselves? I’ll tell you, I don’t. I let my kids know that “Sorry, mom’s having an off day today.” That I am also able to sit in that moment and figure out a way to deal with those emotions.

With every activity, household chore, work task, appointment, and any other item added to my list, my limit gets closer and closer to being reached. Once I realize I’m a little overloaded (natural when you are a primary caregiver of multiple children), I take a break.

What Does a Break Entail?

Well, that depends on the day. Sometimes it means pushing whatever work I’m able to to the next day. I either play games, do arts and crafts, bake, or merely watch some shows I’ve been putting off. Shutting my brain off and relaxing so I don’t break, really. We all need that from time to time. And, being an example for my kids in knowing when you can push yourself and listening to when you need to stop means I’m teaching them a very valuable lesson.

Let me be clear, though.

Even with breaks, rainbows and butterflies are not an everyday occurrence. And, that is okay, too.

With 4 other bodies in this house and two furry ones, the odds are not in our favor that we’re all in a good mood at the same time. Navigating through all of the different personalities and emotions can be a minefield. I will repeat, that’s okay.

What I do know and remember:

We all love each other dearly, support each other through rough patches, and forgive simple discretions. I have a picture on my wall that says,

“In this house, we do second chances. We do great. We do real. We do I’m sorrys. We do hugs. We do family. We do love.”

All of that is true. We have another in our living room that reads,

“Other things may change us. But we start and end with family.”

We like words and reminders, and I love quotes. I can look around and each image, each phrase provides a sense of balance and calm for me. Finding my center is a little easier, and knowing that we will have many more good moments than bad. Mistakes, chaos, and sometimes clutter get the best of us, but we regroup and form that unshakable bond that makes us a unit. A family unit of different, unique, and wonderful people.

So, yes, truth be told, we do not always have smiles on our faces or glitter and confetti falling down around us. But, we most certainly continue to have love in our hearts and a glint in our eye.

We all run out of steam, and that’s why it takes a village. Reach out, support each other, and you will all be good. If you’re having an off day, take the time you need to get back in the game.

Do what you can when you can.

Truth Be Told: Not Every Day is Rainbows
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