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Having worked around kiddos for a LONG time and having my own, there definitely is such thing as TOO many activities.

However, it’s generally hard to define because it’s different for each child and family. There are so many variables that go into deciding that particular line.

We also want to make sure our tiny humans are well-rounded and get a nice variety of experiences so they can discover what they love to do (or what they don’t).

You have to look at a few different factors:

Energy Level

– some littles have a LOT more energy than others and may thrive with many activities while others may prefer a bit more downtime. That’s a-okay, you just have to pay attention to see any signs of it being too much.


– being aware of how much time you truly have available is helpful because it’s a commitment (at least in my eyes) when you sign up for an activity. You often pay for that activity in one way or another, so I don’t see it as optional unless an emergency happens. So, make sure you don’t make your dance card too full too fast.


– Many times, we place our own interests onto our kids. Really listen and watch to see that they maintain interest or have a desire to try what they are signing up for. I think it’s fine to help them get out of their comfort zone and try things, but hear them if they express an honest desire to move on.

Ultimately, you need to be aware of your family and honor your time to know what would be TOO much and what is just fine. Above all — have fun!

What activity/activities do you enjoy as a family or sign your kiddo up for??

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Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Activities?


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