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Now that my time is back to being just that – I almost feel lazy. Which is far from the truth for any mommy out there, but I was SO stressed out and pulled in so many different directions trying to stay afloat, that’s how I’m left feeling without 60,000,000 items on my daily list now. I was able to take a nap the other day and it was incredibly delightful.

Honestly, we put SO much pressure on ourselves and each other sometimes that I think we forget to just breathe and live. Time passes, that’s all there is to it. And the more frantic your days, the faster it seems to go. So, a new goal I have for myself is to truly begin to enjoy the TIME I spend on anything and make the moments matter.

One way I’m doing this is by realizing that me projecting my own guilt about not doing enough onto how I THINK my husband is feeling towards me can go by the wayside. More often than not, he appreciates what is done regardless of how much or how little that ends up being. Plus, I end up getting more done if I’m not worried about how he may or may not feel towards dishes sitting in the sink for an extra day. Once I eliminate those assumptions, I can focus on making the most of the time I have available and WANT to devote to contributing to the household. Planning what I would like to accomplish and the best way to organize that into an easy to achieve check-list of sorts becomes much less daunting and more practical.

Basically, when I release myself from my own pressure and judgment, I am able to truly set myself onto a path of success rather than setting myself up for failure simply by worrying and stressing to the point of feeling frozen and unsure of what to do first.

I challenge you to do the same.

Take a step back and see where you are actually hindering yourself, your productivity, your paths and see what successes and achievements open up. Don’t let time slip away any longer. Embrace it and utilize it.

Comment with your experiences! And please, take a moment to tell me/ask me how I may help you HERE!