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The saying usually goes, “The struggle is real”… however, my favorite twist is the juggle is real. And it is. The motherhood juggle IS real.

Wearing so many hats and with so many balls up in the air, it’s a wonder we don’t drop them more often. Right?!

So, keep these things in mind when you’re spinning in circles trying to decide where to start or what to do next:

Grant yourself some grace

Some days are better than others. Pat yourself on the back when you’re having a great day. Some days you’re going to knock out everything on your list with time to spare. Other days you’re going to wonder how the heck you got to bedtime, but you did it! Not every day will go exactly as planned or even well. 

Tap into your resources

Ask for help when you need it. Accept offers for help. Yes, thank you – I would very much appreciate that. If you need to decompress or catch up on things, let that be okay. We’ve all been there. Most people are very willing to lend a helping hand.

Use your time wisely

While you don’t need to fill every single spot (and you shouldn’t because having a couple of breaks means you can recuperate or fill it with something that came up last minute), you should make sure your time isn’t simply being wasted. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rest or relax (please do!); it means you do what you need to do each day so you don’t get to the end of your day and go, UGH, I should have done this!

Start and end your day with something you enjoy

As much as possible, you should begin and wrap up your day with something calming and relaxing. This will help your mood, help you handle the chaos, and you help put yourself in a good mood and pull yourself out of any negativity you’ve been drawn into throughout the day.

Which area are you good at, and which area do you need to improve in??

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The Motherhood Juggle is Real


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