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When you have ideas swirling through your head, it can be hard to focus on productive tasks. Some call it squirrel-brain, some call it being a visionary… but one aspect remains the same: it’s extremely distracting when you KNOW you have things to do. Which brings us to the brain dump: do you or don’t you?

The short answer: Yes. Yes, you do.

If you don’t, you absolutely should.

A brain dump allows you to do the following:

  • Free up space in your mind to focus on priorities while not forgetting those gems of ideas that you have throughout each day.
  • Maintain your creative flow so that when you are ready to work on something new, you have ideas to pull from and start taking steps towards finishing.
  • Increase your productivity because you’ll spend less time bogged down in either trying to remember items and not get side-tracked or by trying to force creativity when you have a moment to spare to work on those to-dos.

What’s your favorite part of the brain dump process?

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The Brain Dump: Do You or Don't You?


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