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I’m going to share with you 3 things I did to help my client 3x their income in 3 years (and how you can apply it to your biz too!).

Watching my clients grow, expand, and increase their ability to help others makes my heart swell. 

Being there from the beginning and seeing the impact increase three-fold (along with income) was a whole new experience. 

What I learned from this process – that you can absolutely apply to your business –  is this:

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  1. Refine and Align
    As you establish your key offering, you’ll refine and dabble. Some trials will work, some won’t. The key is to make sure it stays aligned to the value you want to offer with the results you seek to provide. Whatever you do – do not overcomplicate the system. More is not always better.

  2. Listen Carefully
    What I mean by this is that you won’t please everyone. You’ll receive a lot of feedback. You need to be able to filter through and decide what is worth making changes for and what is simply that white noise feedback you get as you dial in to your right-fit network.

  3. Budget Wisely
    One of the biggest headaches and considerations was budget versus capacity. This came up almost on a weekly basis. The first two lessons will 100% play a big part in this step. When you add or try on new streamlined ideas, pay attention to what investments you’re making and if your pricing reflects the new value and results provided to account for the additional service you’re now tapping into. If it’s added value with no reflection in price, does it make sense and is it conducive to being able to scale? If your processes went from 1 hour to “simplifying” at 4-5x that length, did you merely add more steps to make it seem simpler?

Basically, growth is exciting and tends to look much like trying to balance a scale. Perhaps that’s why it’s called scaling. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, removing this, adding that, decreasing here, increasing there…

Most significantly: Don’t let your vision and values get lost in the shuffle. 

Which of these three things do you need to focus on right now in your business? Drop the number below!

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