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A good friend of mine took the time out of her busy schedule to write an article that was weighing on her mind. I have the pleasure of featuring it here! As I do a lot of writing for clients myself, she offers services also. If you’d like to get in touch with her, fill out the contact me form with that detail and I can put you in touch! On to Ariane’s touching words…

Feature on Taking the Time When Feeling Frantic:

We mommas are so incredibly busy. Between taking care of kids, keeping the house from falling down around our ears, to working from home as much as I can, the pressure to get things done can be overwhelming. I don’t know about you, but as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning I am in go-go-go mode and I don’t stop moving until my head sinks into that pillow around midnight.

Sometimes I am in such a rush to get things done that I find myself rushing my toddler along as well or rushing through tasks with her like it is just another thing to check off of my to-do list. You mommas know what I am talking about, where a diaper change turns into a pit stop at an Indy Five Hundred race. I’m the mother of a sweet little two-and-a-half-year-old girl who needs a lot of attention and love, and when her little sister was born just a few months ago that need for attention only skyrocketed.

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Need For Taking the Time

One day I was frantically trying to get an article done for a client when my toddler came and told me she had a poo-poo and needed a diaper change. So, I got up to change her and my newborn woke up and started fussing to be nursed. There I was, trying to get my toddler changed so I could go nurse so I could get back to work, and there were a million things spinning in my head that needed doing — groceries, bills, presents to buy, errands to run… and my toddler, the sweet little rascal, wanted me to chase her. She is hiding in her tent, crawling under the crib, and my thoughts on all I had to do were stressing me out so badly that I just wanted to yell at her.

I know, not good right? Well, fortunately for us all, I took a deep breath and grabbed ahold of my thoughts and put them on pause.  I realized that my toddler just wanted a little bit of my attention, for me to take the time to play with her first before rushing to the business of diaper change. So, I went and soothed her fussy sister with a pacifier and I chased my toddler around the house to the tune of sweet giggles.

We played and ran around for about fifteen minutes and you know what? I felt lighter, she was happier, and that diaper change went better than any had in weeks. No fighting, no yelling, no tears. Taking just a little time to let my kid be a kid, and to be a kid with her, made all of the difference.

Taking the Time

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