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We constantly combat many different things coming at us all at once; we can help our reactions to those situations to prevent a volcanic eruption from happening by taking a moment: just breathe. 


Well, let me just tell you…

Blow Off Steam

Literally, breathe in and breathe out a minute. That will allow you to assess the situation and think before you act. It’s hard to get ahead of a situation if you don’t learn to breathe a minute and be more self-aware. 

Know Your Limits

Realizing your priorities, when you’re pushing yourself too much, and how to manage those prior to being overloaded will help. Yes, we can do it all, but it may make us sacrifice another area in our lives and impact how well we adjust to those mishaps that undoubtedly occur.

Apologize, Evaluate

It’s okay to recognize that you made a mistake and overreacted. Apologize and invite your kiddos into a conversation to see how you may be able to fix that the next time you come across that kind of circumstance so you can begin changing your behavior.

Celebrate The Small Wins

Acknowledge the good moments that happen in difficult situations. If you or your kiddos improve, then highlight that! Focusing on the good will make everyone want to continue down that path.

How have you done a good job taking a moment to just breathe lately?? Share below!

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Taking a Moment: Just Breathe


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