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When you’re overwhelmed, taking a break before a breakdown happens is vital.

As mothers, we often put others’ needs before our own. And then, we push and push and push ourselves to the breaking point.

But why??

So we can stress ourselves out even more when we’re down for the count and have no other option than to rest?

It is important — nay, essential — dare I say, vital — to allow yourself to take a break long before your body shuts itself down and makes you take a break or you meltdown and lose it.

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Here are my two tips to help with that while juggling being a mom and an entrepreneur:

  1. Delegate — You can delegate household tasks that free up your mental and physical stressors as well as some of your business tasks. The biggest way to do this is to really take a look at what you spend THE MOST time doing each week, what you do not enjoy doing or know it’s taking you much longer than it would take someone else, and then begin to budget it out to see how you can fit it into your expenses. Many people think it’s impossible or too expensive, but there are so many different ways to go about it to find options that will fit with what you can afford until you grow enough to continue adding to that list to help offset some of what you have on your plate.
  2. Brain Dump — By this, I simply mean get your thoughts out of your head so your hamster can slow down or go get a drink of water. Whether that means writing it out on paper (I use a planner, have a school schedule written out, and still type and write many things out during each day) or texting a friend or family member what you’ve got going on any given day. It acts as a way of accountability, helps you to organize those to-dos and ideas, and also prevents you from forgetting as much. Give it a go! Release some of that build-up and pressure of constantly thinking about what’s happened, what you did/didn’t do, what needs to be done, etc. Be in the moment at least a couple of times a day.

Do you use one of these two methods, both, or have any other ways that help give you the capacity to take a break before you have a breakdown??

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