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Moms give and give and give daily. It’s also important to take time for you — without guilt!

Deadlines will be there. Dishes will undoubtedly continue to be used. Laundry will never be done (think about that one).

Yet, it’s like a weight baring down on us with each “chore” or “appointment” or “task” that isn’t complete.

We know they aren’t going anywhere, but we allow them to weigh heavily on our psyche and get under our skin.

They are important, don’t get me wrong. No one wants to become a hoarder or get buried under dirty dishes or piles of laundry. 

BUT, it is important to soak up energy and rejuvenate regularly. 

We are used to “doing what needs to be done” and ignoring our needs much of the time.

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This is my reminder to you that it’s okay to take time for you. Even if it’s 5 minutes to do your makeup or read a chapter in a book. 15 minutes to take a bath or play a game on your phone. Scheduling a massage, nail, or hair appointment.

Whatever it looks like to you. Take that time… and do NOT feel guilty about it. You deserve to take that time each week — heck, each day — to soak up some energy in your sponge before it’s bone dry and falling apart, right? 

You are a better mom, wife, and human for taking that time. So, really, you should applaud yourself for doing that rather than feeling guilty for whatever self-imposed expectation you put on yourself for that time frame.

What are you going to do TODAY (or this week) for you??

Getting Back to Center will help you find 5 or 15 minutes for yourself again. Access that calm here:

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