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This year has brought so many exciting, scary changes. It’s a bit cliche when I say, stepping out of your comfort zone is necessary. But that doesn’t make it any less true. A leap or two are worth the results.

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I couldn’t have done any of it without the amazing support system I have around me. 

Remember, above all, the reason you do what you do. I get caught up sometimes, but then I am reminded and pushed by my why. Of course, my family is my why, but being able to take some of the burdens from my husband, be proud of myself, and confident in an area of my life I sometimes receive thanks and a pat on the back certainly rank up there. 

Stress gets the best of me time and again because the balancing act is never at an exact point. But, I do my best, keep my eye on the prize, and try to laugh a couple of times each day. 

What do you do to de-stress?

Without four important factors, I feel like continuing to take a leap of faith throughout my business would be so much harder.

Family & Friends 

The bulk of my support system consists of my amazing family and friends. During those slumps and moments of doubt, they lift and encourage me more than I could ever have expected. Surround yourself with positivity, and keep that in your corner. You’ll need to draw on it now and then. Trust me.


Honestly, I was not on the coaching bandwagon. I thought it was a bunch of bologna. Then, I followed someone who made me curious. Investing and clicking that button changed my thought process, business, and attitude. Seriously think I would not be where I am without having paid that first coach. That decision led me down this path. 


Knowing that you have a skill set and knowledge that others will find to be an asset is half the battle. Proving that you will follow through on that value is the other half. I have come across a few people whose words could easily cause doubt or try to lessen my worth. Fully believing in myself, I am able to stand my ground and be okay letting them cross my path and continue on. I am not a good fit for everyone and vice versa.


Guilt can eat you up. I chose to forgive myself when I don’t live up to the perception of perfection that I have in my mind. Maybe I let my kids watch TV or play video games all day or pushed a project timeline back that  I thought I would have finished by a certain time. Feel that, own it, and then let it go. It’s okay. We hold our expectations a bit high sometimes. As long as I do the best I can, I try very hard to put that in perspective. The first two factors listed help a lot in this area. 

When I keep all of these items in check, I am able to take a leap of faith when my business or life requires it of me. They all provide the drive and push that are needed for those blind jumps. With that, I can grow, test, fail, learn, and succeed. And so can you!

Take a Leap of Faith

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