Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Activities?

Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Activities?

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Having worked around kiddos for a LONG time and having my own, there definitely is such thing as TOO many activities.

However, it’s generally hard to define because it’s different for each child and family. There are so many variables that go into deciding that particular line.

We also want to make sure our tiny humans are well-rounded and get a nice variety of experiences so they can discover what they love to do (or what they don’t).

You have to look at a few different factors:


Activities: Where Do You Stop?

Activities: Where Do You Stop?

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“True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.” ~Wilhelm von Humboldt

We love playing games as a family and even though I’m a few and far between exerciser (I’ve never been into sports and really don’t get the happy vibes from working out), the kids are in activities and sports.

My son is in baseball, tried Taekwondo, did soccer last year, and is in swimming lessons. We also enjoy camping in the summer. My daughter is in dance and swimming lessons. I also used to teach piano and voice lessons from home (I loved it, but it did not work well for our family schedules). (more…)