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*Image credited to my daughter and my friend’s daughter who caught my heart when they visited for the day in March.*

“Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.” ~ Misty Copeland

Do you have any personal experiences to back up this quote? I sure do. Without following these words, TKO Assisting wouldn’t exist. My family and friends are so supportive and share in my excitement as I move along the road to success. Not only do I have those wonderful times, but I am teaching my children through my actions that if you are strong, fearless, and believe, then your dreams CAN be a reality.

The road to success is not a straight shot and is not smooth, but persevering through the tough times is so much more do-able when you have a support system in place. Being able to have my family and friends backing me up allows me to have the strength to do this on my own and pursue what I KNOW is going to be wonderful. And it gives me the great opportunity of staying home with my delightful kiddos and watching them learn and grow each and every day.

Being able to balance during those days when doubt rears his ugly head or depression tries to consume that little flame of hope has helped tremendously in these early days. I have NO hesitations knowing that when future troubles arise, I will endure and find support through the storm. Much in the way my husband bring out traits in me, I am elevated by friends and my children and they bring out the best in me business wise in this endeavor.

Without having those sounding boards and the belief in myself and from my most loved and trusted, the leap into the unknown abyss would not have been as easy and likely would not have been done at all.  Even if ALL you can do is find that ONE person who helps you believe that your dreams are possible, realize the importance. There will be ups and downs and challenges along the way, so even just one person can make a big difference in your success. YOU are capable and worthy, but sometimes we all need a little reassurance or a little push. Maybe I can be part of your support system – send me a note to see if we’d be a good fit for your needs HERE.