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Our kiddos are in school for seven hours each day (bus rides excluded). Here’s a story about how seven hours is a long time, especially for our littles.

Our daughter Oriana had her first year of in-person school for 1st grade.

(We did virtual school through the k12 program for Kindergarten since she had to do some cast stretching on her leg.)

Once in a while, she came home and exasperatedly said, “Seven hours is a long time, mom.”

Amen, little girl, amen.

She would probably be attached to my hip if she could be most days, but even I think sometimes the six hours I have between drop-offs and pick-ups makes for a long day. Some days it flies by while others it seems to draaagggg onnnn. But both of those instances can make it feel like the day was exhausting.

Our son can usually handle his school days pretty well. And I imagine our youngest will enjoy it for the most part also. But Oriana sometimes gets a bit drained by it (even if she has a good day – and she’s an excellent student and loves her friends). It just takes a toll on her little mind and body in a different way.

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We do the Kissing Hand (great book for littles who don’t like separating!) before school which helps her among other little tricks. However, we’ve had moments where she flat-out needs a day. Even Octavia has been able to tell me “I want to stay home wish-you today.”

For those of you having a bit of a “seven hours is a long time” kind of day – we hear you. We have those days, too.

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