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We all have come across the notion that there has got to be a secret or secrets to success. Sometimes it’s just a passing thought, but sometimes it’s a search we perform on our own journey through a business/career. We compare, contrast, look to others to say, “what are they doing that I am not?”. What if the secret is simply authenticity?

Yes, there may be steps to take to help you along that growth process and to make the road may be a little less rough or a little more streamlined, but nothing beats authenticity. I came across a Ted talk from the author of Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert that I may now have to watch weekly. You can view it HERE. She discusses great failure and great success and how the way to balance all of those you may come across is finding your “home”. For her, “home” is writing. She is most authentic in writing. Maybe you are most authentic in teaching or in coaching. Then again, perhaps it is when you are grooming dogs. Whatever that may be, you can survive all turbulence and attention if you keep going back to that and continuing.

Whether you reach a new height or you reach a new low, if you do what feels like “home” to you, then you won’t be hindered by either extreme.

Just keep on keepin’ on. Then the roller-coaster that you choose will be worth the ride in the lulls and the excitement and you can return to center a little more easily.

Success can be defined in many ways, as well. So, remember that comparing yourself to someone who is working 100 hours a week to reach their goals may not fit your definition of success or the road in which you choose to get there. And you can always adopt a new style or approach if you find someone doing something better than your current styles/approaches. The beauty of a new day and growing. Simply keep in mind that authenticity bleeds through in everything you do, and will be received better than when something comes across as fake.

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