Affiliate - When it's Time to Add a Team Member

The ripple effect of hiring and outsourcing in your business and motherhood is incredible!

People think Virtual Assistants and Coaches are ONLY for those who need 20+ hours/week of support and if you’re already making multi-six figures.

–And it’s true, I love helping my clients who are established, but I also LOVE my clients who are at the cusp of $5K months!

–And it’s true if you need a lot of tasks done we’ve got you covered, but I also love helping my clients who need 5 hrs/month or a little boost!

But here’s the thing.<<

When you HIRE and OUTSOURCE before you feel ready, it’s not just about the one task or shift, you feel the ripple effect in SO many ways that will QUICKLY help you make more money in less time in your business.

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↪️Less pressure/Share the mental load.

The weight of the world is on your shoulders, but even letting go of one task you do regularly can lift enough to reduce the pressure you’re carrying and make it more manageable. Finding someone who wants your business to succeed alongside you, knowing tasks will continue to be completed, and instilling that trust of to-dos to start reducing your list does wonders for your mind. Breathe that sigh of RELIEF.

↪️Buying time/freedom back.

Having a truly flexible schedule is why you started, but you end up being a slave to keeping the wheels turning. Beginning to outsource means space to FOCUS on your kids, your friends, your family, or yourself more again without sacrificing the efforts and work you already put into your business so far. How REASSURING that would be for your journey.

↪️Investing in your vision.

There’s a saying: “Put your money where your mouth is.” It can be scary because of all the “what ifs” involved when you pay for help in any capacity. Imagine the exponential growth possibilities when you are no longer relying solely on YOUR 24 hours and tap into others’ time as well! Your vision suddenly widens and your message can spread even more. What a sense of COMFORT and LIBERATION that would be from doing it all on your own. Even sharing the mental load helps tremendously.

– Mom Elevated is here every step of the way.

Which of these three added bonuses makes you the giddiest?? Reducing Stress, Regaining Freedom, or Releasing Constraints?

(Plus, once you get started, you’ll only continue to be able to offload and delegate more as you increase and earn more! Divide and conquer!!)

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