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When you are teaching and guiding, are responsibility and resilience in your kiddos important qualities?? 

The great thing is these are important in business as well.

One way we instill responsibility in our tiny humans is with chores. They clean up after themselves (sometimes much to their chagrin), put clothes away, feed the pets and help with the poo clean up, help with dishes, set the table, get and sort laundry, etc.

Resilience comes from the not giving in or giving up at every turn and how they learn to handle situations sometimes out of their control.

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What we should be doing is providing them with the tools necessary for both responsibility and resilience. What tools are those, you ask? Let me share with you:

Work Ethic —

This can be as simple as letting them help cook with you and other little things they want to be a part of so that they learn that what needs to be done doesn’t always have to feel like a “chore” but that some tasks must be tended to before “fun.” And thus, builds responsibility

Try —

Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and try again. The important part about any endeavor is not that you succeed or you win but that you try. Preferably, you try your best, but so long as you try, you should be proud and feel good about that. With that, resilience begins to form.

What do you instill in your kiddos to ensure they are responsible and resilient?

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