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Why is repurposing content so important in your business?


There’s no need to reinvent the wheel

You already have content floating around (old posts, emails, blogs, videos, interviews, podcasts, etc.). Why let those go stagnant or get lost in the abyss of the internet? Don’t let it float away into the cloud. Pull it back and reuse information from those pieces of content.

Saves you a boatload of time

If you aren’t having to create new ideas each day (or even multiple times a day), how much time would you save yourself? Honestly. Sometimes we do it on the fly because “it just takes a minute”. But, if you actually calculated it, you might change your mind. Repurposing and batching your content can save you an enormous amount of time to use elsewhere in your business.

KISS – Keep It Simple… Sister. šŸ˜

We all know how easy it is to overcomplicate literally everything. Simplify your content with repurposing because #1 and #2. Seriously, it doesn’t have to be huge books every time you post. It just needs to add value and something as simple as a question or a one-sentence post could be exactly what someone in your audience needs to hear that day.

Consistency keeps you fresh in minds

Sporadic posting can be an easy way to watch a business crumble unsuspectingly. When you are consistent, you create awareness and become much more visible. People know when they can see you and how it’ll fit in their schedule. Also, that likability and trust factor is easier to build when you are consistently showing up.

Would you add any reasons why repurposing content is important in your business?? Drop them down below.

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