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Squirrel-brain or the next shiny thing happens a lot as an entrepreneur. At times, we have a hard time figuring out how to rein it in.

We get “inspired” or have this light-bulb moment and forget to complete the first great idea we had or spread ourselves over many different ideas at one time.

It’s both a blessing and a curse, really.

Learning how to rein in some of that creative flow will help to actually get momentum in your business.

You’ll focus on establishing one idea really effectively before moving on to the next.

Now, that’s not saying to let go of those wonderful ideas.

As mentioned before, with brain-dumping, it’s vital that you write your ideas down in a place you’ll be able to come back to them later once you’re ready to expand and tap into the creative genius moments that make you love doing what you do.

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Don’t get carried away and lose sight of what trajectory you’re working for. That’s all!

Do you have an easy or hard time reining in your ideas?

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Rein It In


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