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Is reflecting on your business (and life?) something you do regularly?

As business ebbs and flows, often you as a person do as well. Both will grow and change, but perhaps in different ways.

The ability to reflect monthly, weekly, or daily can be extremely helpful in guiding you when you are inundated with information and advice from others.

What’s best for you, your family, your business, etc.? Well, you’ll surely have whispers in your ear, newsletters, podcasts, and social posts giving you the “secrets.”

What you’re missing is asking yourself.

What works for me is likely not going to work for you.

Parts and pieces of it may, absolutely — and take those pieces and use them, please. I encourage you to do so!

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But don’t underestimate what your gut tells you or what you feel is the right decision for you.

If you feel good about your decisions and the direction you’re going, it’ll be much more successful than if you blindly follow the path that worked for someone else.

So, soak up the knowledge and wisdom others share, but then take a step back and reflect.

Which ways do you use to reflect and work on self-awareness?

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