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“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” — Hermann Hesse

Does your pulse speed up at the mention of the word delegation? Even though it becomes a necessity for most at some point in their business, but letting go of some of the control of items can be scary. What do you trust others to do, will the voice be enough like you, will it cost you more time… the list goes on.

BUT, if you take the leap, you’ll soon learn the ropes of what tasks can be delegated with ease and which should stay on your radar a little more heavily. That first leap is the important part. You’ll wonder, worry, and stress until you decide to go for it. Letting go of a little bit to gain more focus, and hopefully, grow your business even more than you had imagined. That’s the horizon to seek when delegating comes into play.

An Inc. article by Peter Economy entitled “5 Steps to Delegating Wisely” has some great tips for when you take that initial jump into the delegation pool.

To make a big splash and most of everyone’s time involved, let’s put my spin on them:

  1. Clarity – The more room for interpretation in instructions, the higher the chances are that expectations will not be met and disappointment will follow. Explaining with clarity and transparency tends to be key.
  2. Proper Authority – If someone is given a puzzle with a missing piece, it becomes difficult to complete and can hurt the working relationship.
  3. Acknowledgment – Make sure those who are doing the work respond with understanding in case any questions need to be answered for the tasks given.
  4. Keep Watch – While work is being delivered, noticing any errors or aspects that do not match your vision. Monitoring will allow you to know when more trust can be allowed or less trust needs to be put in place.
  5. Correcting – While watching, you will be able to give feedback or reassign work if necessary and keep everyone on the same path, your path, to continue your business on a journey of growth and success.

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