Today’s post is one I am super excited about. Jessica approached me to help spread the word on her beautiful book. I can attest to the fact that it is amazing. Raising children has its challenges, but this has made a positive impact already. My son has been doing the daily pages with me every night, and then my middle daughter started to participate after the first couple of days, as well…

You do not want to miss what she has to say and offer:

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Do you ever feel like your kids think that you are a magical being that spits out whatever they want?

I have felt that way! The day after Christmas, my kids were already making new lists of all the things they still wanted.


A year or so ago, I got tired of the constant “I want…I want…I want” and wanted to do something about it. It wasn’t my son’s fault; it was mine. I trained him, so I decided I would begin to retrain him. I wanted to teach his brain to see all the things he has, appreciate them, and to be content. I am not saying that it is wrong for our kids to want things, but when does it stop?

Can you relate?

At the same time, I noticed that he was beginning to view himself through the eyes of what others thought about him, his accomplishments, and his feelings (whether true or not). I have struggled my entire life with feel worthy and deserving. On the outside, no one would know, but if you were inside my head, you would know!

I regularly said things like,


“What do they think about me?”
“If I do or say this, then what will they say?”
“I can’t say that out loud, that would be humiliating!”
“If they knew how I felt, they wouldn’t love me.”

I was living a lie. I was inauthentic to who I was. I wasn’t sharing the real me. I was sharing the me that I knew you would approve of and like.

I began to see the same patterns in my son. I noticed him desiring to be perfect, act perfect, and say the perfect things; the “right” things. The things that I would approve of. The things that I would like. The things that would keep me liking/loving him. He asked me constantly if what he said, thought, or did was ok. Deep down, he was screaming to me the extremely familiar phrase of, “If I do this, say this, feel this, or think this will I still be loveable?”

It was the same reason I, for so much of my life, hid what was actually going on. I didn’t say anything that would rock the boat or make anyone upset. I was who they wanted me to be, not who I really was.

I could not let life continue on like this. I needed my son to know who he was, not based on what others thought of him, but based on what God said about him. It was only through me accepting my identity in Christ that I finally felt I could begin to be myself. I knew that all that mattered was what God thought about me. I was free to live. Free to be. Free to be me. I was loved, no matter what!!

I am not my mistakes or failures. I am a new creation in Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:17
I am a child of God. 1 John 3:1
I am not a mess. I am a masterpiece. Ephesians 2:10
God accepts me. Romans 8:1

These two critical pieces led me to write The Gratitude Journal & Devotional for Kids. It is a simple journal designed for kids ages 6-16 to increase their appreciation, teach them biblical truths, and walk them through the power of prayer. Each day is new and different.


From doing the journal, instead of saying, “I want…” My son says, “Thank you for all I have!” He is beginning to understand that no matter what happens in the world, he is loved, cherished, and designed to be different. He is unique and special. He can be who he is, not who others want him to be. He has seen God answer his prayers and comfort him in ways that I am unable to.

It has given me insight into his world, his fears, his worries, and his joys.

It has changed our life!!

If you think a resource like this could help your children, your nieces, your nephews, your grandkids, your neighbor’s kids, your church, or your youth group get them 25% off at

I look forward to hearing how it blesses you.

Raising Appreciative Children

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