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Have you witnessed the magic of positivity: making waves?

Are you a naturally positive person??

My nickname throughout school was Mrs. Sunshine or Bubbles/Bubbly. Some people are truly just able to silver-lining the crap out of situations.

Even if you are not a “things could always be worse” type of person, you can TEACH yourself to step into the light and out of the shadows of the doom-and-gloom.

Studies have shown that your outlook can affect your health, even. Positive people are relatively healthier or sick for a shorter amount of time, and vice versa.

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You have moments where you get tangled in the web of doubts or negativity, but you don’t want to live in that space.

At some point, you need to wade through and find that sparkle that will keep you going and get you up to move forward.

When you do that, your little flicker will ripple out and make waves. That momentum is sometimes all you need. One little action creates the necessary motion.

How do you remind yourself of the good/positive amidst the chaos of motherhood?

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