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When we go through different experiences, our perspectives shape our reality.

Whether you watch Bridgerton or not, the Queen Charlotte season is one everyone could learn something from.
There’s a valuable lesson of how our perspective can be very short-sighted. I won’t give away everything, but I am probably going to give a bit of a spoiler, so fair warning.
What I loved most about the fact that you got to see what happened from both sides of the relationship was that it allowed you to FEEL what each person felt during their loneliness, longing, and deep love.
To one it seemed deceitful, but mostly because the arrangement worked and she fell head over heels.
To the other it seemed like a trap because he was destined to get lost to his illness yet he couldn’t resist her stubborn intelligence.
But the adjustment period of secrets and trying to protect or pretend showed you just how one person can be going through hell and back without realizing it. And while that someone is fighting demons, the other person is feeling jilted, hurt, rejected, confused, and getting angrier by the moment.
Once the truth is revealed, all those emotions are stripped away.
How completely spot on is that notion? Our perception of any situation is based solely on our experience. Feelings are rarely based on facts.
What’s helpful is having someone to shift your perception and give you a different perspective to consider.
Do you have someone who does that for you (in business or otherwise)? Tell me who they are or if this type of person would be able to help you move forward with more ease.

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