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Clients and kids can sometimes be handled in a similar manner. Paying attention to interests each has usually leads to positive interactions.

Energy flows where attention goes.

With multiple children (and clients and family and people important to me), I like to show that they’re important to me by paying attention to their interests.

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Whether that means allowing them to do my hair and makeup and give me “tattoos” with pens and markers or listening to them ramble on about their newest game or friend or toy.

Our son is reading The Hunger Games during his school allotted reading time, so I told him that although I’ve read the series, I’ll read it along with him. Then, we can watch the movies together and compare and contrast the book with the movies. Of course, he said, “You don’t have to do that.” to which I replied, “I want to. It’ll be fun!”

Every couple of days or each week he’ll let me know how far he’s read to so I can keep up without getting too far ahead of him. And it’s making me appreciate the book in a new way.

Being the oldest, sometimes he feels a lot of pressure to perform or be an example or forget to let himself be a kid. And probably feels a bit jilted as he forgets the time I spent with him when he was little like I do with the girls now. I’ve been on a mission this year to remind each of them that though they are not the other sibling, they are 100% valued and loved as they are (and they should see that value and feel that love).

I’ve seen him come out of his shell a little this year (as well as our middle lady) and it fills my heart with joy.

I try to treat each of my clients similarly.

Whether you’re working with me as a virtual assistant creative partner, in the membership community as a Society Sister, choose one of my DIY options, or simply shop in the Merchandise store, you should see your value and feel that appreciation for choosing to be in the Mom Elevated Village in one way or another.

Do you do the same with those important to you?? If so, share with me how — I’d be delighted to hear.

Remember, PAVE your way.

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