One-Two Punch

You may be holding yourself back from working with someone for a plethora of different reasons. But have you thought of the reasons why you SHOULD work with someone? Some of those tasks are deterring you from focusing on growing and blocking you from the important aspects of your business.

One-Two PunchOne-Two PunchEnter the ring with me! We can give those tasks the one-two punch they deserve and leave them down for the count while you aim your sights (and mind) on the money-generating ideas and bringing those to fruition. I’m here to support your needs and help you in that respect.

We truly can be a knock-out team, while having fun in the process. I’m all about being efficient, yet providing quality work. Show me the ropes and let me loose. Let the bout begin.
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“The man who has no imagination has no wings.” ~ Muhammad Ali

Rave Reviews

“Working with Jess was an immense pleasure and relief. She immediately stepped into being part of the team and was as invested in the success of my company as I was. Jess is beautifully communicative, highly efficient and organized and incredibly flexible. Her abilities span a vast array of administrative and sm marketing skills which enabled me to hire one person for much of the support I needed. The best part for me was that once it was on Jess’ task list, I was certain that it would get done and done well. Adding Jess to your team will be an absolute win for you and your company!” – Karen M.

“Jessie is a kick-a** virtual assistant, writer, music educator, mother, wife, and friend, not necessarily in that order. She gets more done in a single day than most men contemplate achieving in a week. You need her in your life and in your business, but you probably can’t afford to pay her what she is worth, which is your weight in solid gold. <3” – Ariane C.

“Jessica was amazing! She helped me at the last minute and did what I needed help with very quickly. Thanks, Jessica!” – Kendra L.

“Jessica went above and beyond to support me in a project I needed help with recently. Not only did she provide great service and support, but she did so with amazing turnaround time and with short notice. I highly suggest working with Jessica on your next project because she makes receiving support an easy and enjoyable experience!” – Gabby B.

“I needed some dull, dark photos edited and brought back to life for a sales page. Jessie did an amazing job! She understood the look that I was going for and delivered photos that were exactly what I wanted. If you’re looking for a photo editor with attention to detail, Jessie is the woman for the job! I’ll definitely be sending more work her way in the future.” – Crystal Kovacs, VA

“I was in desperate need of an extra set of hands (with a brain) and reached out blindly to a group of VAs on FB. I was immediately impressed with the professionalism, attitude, and website of Jessica Halvorsen. While it’s always difficult to hand over projects to someone new, I had a good feeling that Jess would be the perfect fit. Thank god, I was right. Jess was fast, efficient and worked hard to deliver exactly what I needed (research, image editing, etc.), often earlier than I even needed it. Hiring her helped me complete more freelance assignments, earn more income and maintain my relationship with my editors. Jess is definitely worth every penny she charges and will go above and beyond to make her clients happy. I am grateful to have her on my roster for when the next big work emergency happens.” – Bryanne Salazar, freelance writer