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When we’re raising our white flag, sometimes it’s hard not checking out too.

After a long day, a long week, goodness, a long month, allll we really want is to relax, regroup, think of nothing, and do nothing.

That’s okay. We simply must keep in mind that we need to not check out when our kiddos need us. That doesn’t mean fix the mom-hearing (you have to know what I’m talking about here).

It means when they come to tell you something, you are really hearing them.

When they ask you a question, you give them the tools to figure it out or can answer appropriately. If they want your attention, you are acknowledging them in some way, so they know you’ll be there. 

Now, sometimes that is a cuddle on the couch while watching a show together.
Or it may be letting them put on a show for you while you see the new “tricks” and “moves” they are extremely proud of learning.
Maybe they just want to share a picture or a story and are merely looking for a “wow!”

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Whatever the case may be — it’s not something extremely time-consuming usually, and you can usually still unload while giving them that encouragement they seek. That way, when you do have the energy and the ability to be “on,” you can play more or make a bigger gesture.

Honestly, your company will likely do just fine, and you won’t then have to draw them back in when you have a good day, a good week, or a good month. 

How do you make sure you haven’t tuned out when you’re exhausted?

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Not Checking Out


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