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Go ahead. Try to convince me that there exists a greater joy than that of a newborn baby. You won’t succeed. I could stare at them, hold them, and breathe in their scent all day long.

New Love, New Baby

And for the first week, that really is about all I did. Our newest addition has some wonderful facial expressions. But the sleeping angelic, double chin, fists in the air tends to be a favorite.

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This little lady was good to mama. Contractions were strong enough to be induced 2 days before hitting 40 weeks. Once the epidural was placed, water was broken… And after 2 contractions, 7-8 pushes, a big, beautiful 9 lbs 6 oz girl entered into our family on April 12. Luckily, big sister and big brother seem pretty smitten, as well.

She usually wakes up 1-3 times a night which has been fantastic as my 3 year old already woke up once a night still (she had just started randomly sleeping through the night, actually, so I was still used to getting up throughout the night). As far as fussy, she takes the cake on easy to soothe babies out of my three.

New Baby, New Love

Like her sister, though, she refuses pacifiers. So when the time comes, we’re hoping she’ll take a bottle for a date night or two. But her sister wouldn’t take those either, so time will tell just how much she follows in her footsteps.

As far as adjusting to a new baby, this has been my personal easiest transition and the kiddos have done extremely well. She fits right into our little life and just rolls with the way the day unfolds. Busy or laid back, she’s happy to tag along (though prefers that tagging along not be done in her carseat unless the car is moving).

New Adjustments, New Baby, New Love


Granted, I prepared myself for not cleaning as much, not being as busy with clients, and accepting help where it is offered. My husband took a week off and was much more involved this time around (he also likes that she will actually lay with him without fussing… I think he’s just more comfortable this time and baby senses that calm). A wonderful friend has been coming once a week or so to hang out with baby and big sis so I can get a few things knocked off my list, also.

But, I give myself a little leeway and know that if I need a break, laundry will wait, dinner can be simpler, I can ask my friends or family or husband for help. Taking it day by day allows me to truly bask in the greatness of a new baby, new adjustments, and new love… Lots and lots of new love. Here’s to the spectacular years to come and the exponentially growing love in our hearts. ❤

New Baby, New Adjustments, New Love

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