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“The most simple things can bring the most happiness.” ~ Izabella Scorupco

Simple Gifts Mother's Day

A mother’s love is simple. Therefore, simple things fill up our tanks, as well.

Mother's Day: Special Gifts

Mother’s day is around the bend, and some still need to scramble to find the perfect gift. However, I want to remind you not to over-complicate the task.

Most mothers are easy to please. An elaborate present is not always necessary.

Mother's Special Gifts

Check out some of these simple gifts for ideas:

  1. Handprint flower pot: Do just a hand with a cute saying or make something cute like a handprint butterfly. This is something a mom can cherish and use forever.
  2. Family photo session: If you know someone who takes great photos, that can make this a much more affordable gift, too. But mamas love capturing their heart and soul in an image of overall happiness for a moment.
  3. Sleeping in: Even if she’s just lounging in her bed and reading or actually does sleep in, this gift often eludes moms and would be treasured dearly. Add breakfast in bed and you’d make her whole year.
  4. Make her favorite treat: I love chocolate chip cookies and if my family put the effort into making me chocolate chip cookies, I would probably melt into a puddle of adoration. Something that shows they pay attention and can reciprocate a bit of the effort I put into days for them.

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Mother's Day Special Simple GiftsThese definitely barely touch the tip of the simple gifts iceberg, but they provide a great example of making the present meaningful. That is the key. Whatever you choose to do and give, make sure it holds meaning and thoughtfulness. If you do that, then her mother’s day will surely be special and appreciated fully.

Take the ideas and run with them. Bring mom the happiness on Mother’s Day that she tries to bring to everyone every single day.

If you would like to work with me fill out the contact me form or find out more at the work with me page first. Grab your simple ways to engage with your child even on those super busy days.

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