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When we spend time with the ones we love during festive times, the merry memory making tops the list for the reason of the season.

We made some cards together for a friend’s kiddo who wanted to receive his own mail.

It didn’t take long, but it was fun, and we all sat together figuring out spelling, designs, and color combinations.

Baking and cooking together is a family favorite, as well as art projects whether they are regular everyday options or matching a holiday theme.

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Whatever way you choose to spend that time together, just make sure you do. In little spurts or longer stretches. They all make a big impact and a difference.

Your favorites memories may be VASTLY different from your children’s favorite memories. So let them have plenty to choose from.

Also, remember that they don’t have to be expensive, elaborate, extravagant, or even anything monumentally out of the norm.

They just have to be meaningful.

Enjoy each other’s company even on the days that you drive each other up the wall… those are likely the days you’ll need it the most. <3

What are some ways you like to make memories with your kiddos — especially around the holidays??

Remember, PAVE your way.

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