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So many lessons to learn along the mompreneur journey. Most of the time, we are on a journey to make motherhood easier. 

But it’s often undoing a lot of what we put in place to protect ourselves along the way.


We put them up consciously or even subconsciously after experiences.

Sometimes you can pinpoint the exact moment when you locked up a part of yourself like Fort Knox. 

My three kids have taught me that it’s safe to open up parts of us we once closed off.

I’m a pretty logical person (hello, Virgo), and so is my son. So, if we can make sense of something, we’re pretty good to go.

That means we can be stubborn and less of the touchy-feely emotional side of things. I also don’t do crying much because I remember being called a crybaby once when I was little and because I experienced so much loss in my elementary years, I just feel like I closed off that part of myself, and “it’s just part of life.” 

While my son is logical, he’s still a human and tends to feel those logical thoughts very deeply.

Then, the girls came along. The older Tavie, the youngest, gets, the heavier the “big emotions” get. But Oriana definitely gave me a run for my money as she wears her heart on her sleeve and yet is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. 

I’ve never thought of emotions as weak, but she gave me a new perspective on just HOW strong someone who is so in tune with each feeling can be.

  • Treyton taught me that logical doesn’t mean unemotional but that it can be difficult and confusing trying to understand those feelings and how to get through them.
  • Oriana taught me that you can let strength leak out of your eyes and still be such a sweet, caring, unwavering soul.
  • Octavia is teaching me that you can be a caretaker and still know EXACTLY what you want for yourself, and we’re all still learning how to not let those big emotions take over situations.

Honestly, I find that they not only broke down my walls but they found secret gardens I didn’t know were inside me, waiting to grow and be brought to life.

Thanks to my children, I am able to bring all of that into my business which, as far as I’m concerned, makes me a better leader for my team and creative partner for my clients.

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