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Am I the only one who loved it when the magic 8-ball says: Outlook Good?

Maybe this dates me, but I used to love the magic 8-balls. I would ask it questions all day long.

And I’d be SO excited when it said, “Outlook Good,” but my friends and I would look at any of the “No” messages and simply shake it again until we got a message with our desired outcome.


Why not use that same philosophy in business?

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You are simply shaking the 8-ball when you market, choose a path, and devote yourself to your business.

But, when you come across a challenge or a “no” or a less than desirable response, why not just shake that 8-ball again and again until you hit that sweet spot and receive your “Outlook Good” message?? 

There is no failing, right? Only moments of learning so you can grow, expand, and take the necessary steps to achieve the goals you set out to reach. 

Tell me — what outcome are you going to keep shaking your 8-ball for this month??

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