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Do you have a kid that pulling a loose tooth is literally like pulling teeth? Haha I know, strange metaphor, but my oldest takes sooooo much convincing to yank a tooth out. I can hardly stand it. Seriously, it feels like torture watching it dangle and get more and more loose.

Time Will Tell

Not only does he just play the waiting game to see if the tooth will fall out, but the child doesn’t even try to wiggle it to help it along. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of his loose tooth. Ha ha.

Treyton Loose Teeth

After about two to three months, I’m usually the one who wiggles his tooth every night and I pulled his first with floss. I know every child is different, but do you not remember using your tongue to toy with a tooth? I do.

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Hopefully, we won’t ever need to utilize the dentist for pulling teeth. But at the rate he’s going, the likelihood certainly increased. Luckily his little sister already tells us she has teeth ready to fall out, so she probably won’t follow in his footsteps.

One a Penny, Two a Penny

Let’s move on to the tooth fairy. What tradition do you have if you involve the winged tooth-snatcher? I have always used a glass of water. Perhaps to clean my tooth now that I think back in it? And to make sure I didn’t wake up? Really, I’m not sure. But it works well and means the tooth is on the table or the counter as a little magnified reminder to leave a little gift behind.

How much do you leave? With some families, I’ve noticed inflation has flowed into this realm. We do something like $2. $5 a tooth just seems so steep! But, really, the fun comes when they rush in to tell you how much they received and the looks on their faces.

Treyton Pull Loose Teeth

What do you all do with the teeth afterward? I put them in ziplock baggies usually with his name and the date on it. However, that might prove to fill up my drawer quickly and risk being discovered. Any other ideas would definitely be welcome!

Teeth Fun Ideas

I have seen some great ways to celebrate, such as:

  • Tooth pillows – how much fun would these be to make together? And to keep the tiny calcium speck deposited safely with a nice exchange pocket for the cha-ching.
  • Pouches – again, fun to create and makes for a nice conspicuous sleight of hand.
  • Classic under the pillow – if you like to keep it old school, go for it! Although, I would likely give myself a heart attack or ulcer trying to make the slip. It does still hold that nice, familiar feel.

Loose Teeth: Pulling, Wiggling, Waiting

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Let me know how you celebrate the milestone of losing teeth. And if you feel we could work well together, reach out and contact me today.