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Lucky for us, Heleniq is back for another inspiring and touching post with some incredible life-changing insight. Balance, flow, equilibrium, or whatever you’d like to call it tends to be something extremely sought after. And, also quite hard to reach. Heleniq points out some excellent secrets to find that center.

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Excellent parenting means getting your Life, Love and Work in Flow.

Parenting requires a relaxed adult offering guidance and advice, setting boundaries, and most of all understanding the needs of his or her child. This kind of empathic tone is hard to harness when life is crazy chaotic or clumsy, so let’s look at what can be done to create that. A calm organized and flowing personal and professional life that allows spirituality and love to blossom.

Most adults, and parents have a multitude of demand put on them beyond those they put on themselves.

In this article, we will touch onto three central aspects of life that need to be well balanced for parenting to be successful. On a side note, all parenting is totally possible when life is chaotic, but it is less effective and obviously potentially dangerous in offering less quality time to children, more reactive decision making because of less patience and also punishing or negative approaches to children’s challenging behavior overall.

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To circumvent a harmful or even at times dangerous parenting approach requires you the adult to have a handle on your life. Only then can you have the ‘space’ and empathy to really offer what a child needs daily, routine, understanding, guidance patience and care. So best is to consider getting your Life, Love and Work into a good flow with the following tips and tools.


Make sure you are balancing your own needs in your life. You know the drill, good exercise, lots of greens and cruciferous vegetables, low coffee, dairy, and meat acids which slow digestion and lessen energy overall. One thing to add is to be looking at your overall attitude because nothing zaps your life juice more than feeling resigned and cynical about your daily flow. Of and if you are calling it a ‘grind’ that a giveaway that you need inspiration. 


Higher love really takes discipline and communication which are both genuinely challenging to do well and often. Without these two primary skills, we become reactive and grumpy when others don’t fulfill our expectations. To learn an easy and helpful way to higher love you can join the Higherlove Facebook group for useful tips and tools.


Work consumes 70% of our waking hours with a Gallop poll showing 87% of people are disengaged in their jobs rendering work one of the most dysfunctional concepts of human society today. Can you imagine … large segments of humanity are spending large chunks of their time at work, only to feel largely unfulfilled. Worst still, it “extracts” so much out of us that it could be the beginning of a way of life is essentially broken. One way to fix it is to understand your life purpose and direction better.

To know your gifts, talents, and areas of genius so you can start working smart, inspired, and not hard and angry, it helps to really take stock of it all and fix what you can, shift a little what you can’t and or start a whole new direction if you are ready for that.

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Here is how you can find out, take the step to get on a call about your personal 9 Styles of Leadership for Life and Health Balance. Follow the Truth about Peak performance, read Group posts about taking brain breaks and sleep boosting, the neuroscience of success, and way more called Heleniq A Consulting.

These three sure ways of getting the life-work balance and love life rejuvenated help parents acquire a relaxed approach where guidance and advice, setting boundaries, and deeper understanding of the needs of his or her child can unfold. Finding your flow even, ways to work more blissfully, and feel thrilled with your outcomes help boost your personal and professional space so you can be the parent you always wished you could be. A parent beyond the multitude of demands, a parent with life-changing inspiration to share.

life-changing secrets for parents


Heleniq is passionate about women. Believing they are leading a new paradigm of leadership for society, she has advocated deeper look into femininity from her student days where she volunteered for South African rape survivors. She presents her insights at conferences in Liverpool, Athens, Holland, India, South Africa, and Cyprus.

She also uses rhythm to elevate women’s’ creative mystery, she deepens her loyalty to women with a continuous study of ‘Feminine Power’, Art of Love and Soulmate Series, Alpha females and women’s’ entrepreneurship with world-famous feminine thought leaders and femininity experts.

For this, she hosts the Women Of Truth X factor group on Facebook, LinkedIn and hosts international Women of truth Conferences and project.

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