Affiliate Link BannerMy mom used to write notes in my cold lunches on my napkins. I LOVED it, and used to show them off to my friends. Or sometimes I would keep them to myself. But, they would always tell me how lucky I am or ask what was on them that day. It was a thing.

This little treat was so important to me, it has become a tradition of sorts.

Now, I find myself writing notes in my son’s lunches every time he decides to take one. I was rushed only twice in the past couple of years and he noticed EACH time that I either didn’t change the note or did not include one. My artistic skills are subpar, but that does not take away the special feeling each one brings to him.

Lunch Notes 1 Lunch Notes 2 Lunch Notes 3







At times when I pick him up or when we get home he’ll mention the note for that day, but often I do not hear a word. However, when I am piecing his lunch together in the mornings or the night before, he says things like “Did you put a note in yet?” or “I won’t come by so I don’t see your note.” So, I know he appreciates them all the same.

Who would have thought lunch box notes could motivate?

Although our jobs as moms oftentimes remain thankless, each and every hug and smile and laugh serves as my “thank you”. I feel like that’s what these little lunch box notes do for my son (and hopefully for my other two kiddos once they start school). With working, rushing around, errands, and housework, they probably feel shafted and neglected just like I feel under-appreciated once in a while. BUT, taking the time to write these and acknowledge that I hear him or care enough to jot down something special just for him proves that he is still important to me.

Notes 4 Notes 5 Notes 6

It truly is the little things.

I literally use a sharpie or colored sharpies like these Sharpie 1949557 Color Burst Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 24-Count to write on his napkins. Not once have I seen them be used, but normally he just folds them back up and brings them home (most of the time, it’s the only item left in his lunch box). Some days I have a really clever or cute saying, other days I just go with a simple “Keep smiling” or “I love you”.

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Notes 7

Want to start implementing this yourself? Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Get yourself some sharpies. You’ve got to have the right tools if you plan to keep up with this task.
  2. Get a large tote of napkins. We rarely have a shortage from bbq’s and birthday parties, so you can go with the white or mix it up with some color.
  3. Make it your own. If you are more artistic than I am, have fun with it! Color, draw, start a guessing game — the choices are endless.
  4. Be consistent. Knowing he can count on these little love notes makes it more of a highlight for him. If I did it randomly, I’m not sure it would have the same effect.

Notes 8 Notes 9 Notes 10







Seriously, though, writing these brings a bit of fun to my morning (or night). I would love to hear your stories, feedback, or answer any questions with your experiences. Make it a great day and enjoy your doodles!