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A certain beauty follows the phrase “spread your wings and fly”. Would you agree? And while many suggestions exist for how you should go about finding your way, the fact remains that society tends to try to keep your head out of the clouds. The world has become a place where if you do not fit into the mold, then you need a reality check.

Although, to be honest, if you look back at the most influential people throughout history, many of them were the “odd man out”. Most were thought to be eccentric or just plain wrong because they pushed the envelope and went after what they believed regardless of what the rest of the world thought. Where did they get their tenacity and gusto? Can that be developed? Certainly! The most important aspect to remember is none of these people gave up.

Here are 5 tips to ruffling a few feathers and soaring:

  1. Love What You Do –Generally, there will be items you dislike completing, but if you love the overall picture of what you do, you’ll likely re-energize yourself over and over.
  2. Be Resourceful – So much free information is out there (or even paid information for an affordable price), there’s really no excuse not to gather enough up to get ideas going and flowing.
  3. Finding Support – A support system will carry you through the tough times and help you celebrate during the good times.
  4. Blog/Social-Media – Utilize these tools for your business to get your name out there, be heard, and start becoming recognized.
  5. Network, But Be Patient – Building relationships with like-minded individuals and potential clients is a great way to expand (while maintaining authenticity, don’t just pitch). But remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day and having a realistic timeline prevents that dreaded doubt to come creeping up as much. Remain motivated!

These are just a few of the ways you can begin to take flight. You may hit some turbulence along the way, but there will be patches of smooth sailing as well. Enjoy the journey and embrace each moment as a learning curve for finding your sweet aerodynamic spot. Happy gliding!

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