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Allowing kiddos to learn things through trial and error or protecting them in a big ol’ bubble. Tough choice when it comes to independence vs helicoptering.

For me, I’m probably more of a hover-er, but I try to recognize the importance of them making decisions and participating in their own life choices.

We cannot forever protect them from the world, but we CAN help prepare them for it and what they’ll face. Yet, I also feel like it’s okay to let them know they CAN ask for help when needed (some of us can still use that reminder, right??).

My point here being, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong position to be on.

If you’re a free ranger, I see the benefits. If you’re a VERY involved parent, I get it.

Perhaps, we can continue to be self-aware and just gauge whether or not we need to take a step in one direction or the other to make an even bigger impact. We’ve got great kids, even if it’s done differently. And we’re great moms, even if it’s not in someone else’s way.

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I love shows like Wife Swap because it shows us how much of a “habit’ or “routine” our day to days become and what a shock it can be to disrupt that schedule.

But also, the lessons that can be learned to simply increase what we’re already doing and, no matter how many kids we have or how long we’ve been doing this, there’s always something new that can be brought into the mix.

What are your thoughts on independence vs helicoptering??

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Independence Vs Helicoptering


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