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When I thought about what to write this week, I thought I better just go with what I’m living right now. My husband found out last minute that he would be traveling and away for the entire week (after really only having him home Sunday). We were both caught a little by surprise, but my head began reeling and preparing for the busy week and going it alone.

Many families go through this dynamic with one spouse leaving for a time and returning. To say that the home goes through changes and adjustments each time would be an understatement. And even with the best planning, some moment always springs up and throws me off course.

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Soooooo…. Dig into my version of how to survive when your spouse is away:


I, as mentioned in other blogs, love my planner. I use it to write down a list of my tasks, client work, housework, activities, errands, and even bills to pay. Then I can check things off or move things around as needed when the inevitable changes come up. But, this keeps my life somewhat organized.

Survive: Breathe


Seriously, taking a moment to drink a cup of coffee, watch an episode of a show I like or a movie to wind down after the kids fall asleep (yes, this usually cuts into my own sleep, buuuttttt it’s totally worth that sacrifice). Breathe in, breathe out. Calm and reset.


My friends and family keep me sane. Find some people you can vent to, rely on, and unload with. Some days I literally just need someone to hear and appreciate the craziness I’m dealing with and then I feel much, much better — relieved, somehow. It helps.

Survive: Hide


Seriously. It sounds childish. Maybe even a little selfish. But, I’m completely serious. I “hid” while switching laundry the other day. Just listened to the hectic mess going on in the other room and stood there for a good 5-10 minutes before my son came looking for me. Haha I took a moment to clear my head and just remind myself that everything would be a-okay.

Survive: Laugh

Laugh (because hiding only lasts so long)

Survive: Laughter

Laughter truly is the best medicine. My kids make me laugh numerous times a day when I listen to them and really interact. See them, hear them, play with them and all my troubles and worries melt away. Dance parties, baking when there are already dishes piled, lots and lots of hugs, and a few spills we simply giggle at or else we would cry. I will have the weekend to fold the clothes I’ve washed and finish cleaning up after the spot treatments I have done to keep the disaster averted throughout the week. *My amazing friend Karin took these beautiful photos of my girls.*

Admittedly, all of these I use on a weekly basis to survive whether my husband leaves or not for work. He works long hours, so many times I have these chaotic, stressful weeks. But, I always manage to get important tasks crossed off and sometimes even get ahead a little. I take each day as it comes and cross each bridge when needed. Even when I’m waist-high in to-dos, I love and appreciate the life we have created with my beautiful family. The flaws, the mistakes, are worth every headache and all the mayhem. 

How to Survive When Your Spouse is Away

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