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Today, we’re stepping into a different topic for your kiddos. I’m all about stepping into your parenting fully, embracing the flaws, and helping your children learn in new ways you may not have thought of before. My guest today, Carly, shares her expertise on choosing a rug for your child’s room.

If you need an area rug of some sort, then the choices out there are endless. Having a little leg up on narrowing down the options proves very valuable…

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Choosing a rug can be a headache that you do not need if you are a parent. However, if you have an idea of what you are looking for, and have some help, then it can really be fun, an experience you can share with your child and your family. So, below we will give you some tips on what to look out for when you are choosing a rug for your child’s room.

First of all, what material do you want?

We would suggest a material that will not be too tough on your kid’s skin. This may be all the more important if your dear child has sensitive skin or if they have just started crawling, as you do not want your rug to chafe their skin. As well as this, you will want a material that is not too prone to causing allergies. We would recommend wool for these purposes.

Next, think of color and durability.

You will definitely need something that is washable (it will get dirty!), and you may want to choose something in a darker color. For better or worse, children do make a mess, and a rug that is cleanable and that will not show too many stains is probably a good choice. Wool again is a good choice, as is it washable, but you could always also go for polypropylene.

Finally, the educational possibilities.

Many rugs are now available that can be used as part of your child’s play. For example, there are rugs that can be used as games and puzzle board, and you can also choose a rug that depicts your son or daughter’s favourite cartoon or film character.

Don’t let choosing a rug for your child’s room gives you a headache. Use the tips above and you will surely make the right choice. To find out more about choosing a rug, see the infographic below from our partners at

child's room rug
How to choose a rug for your child's room

Carly Evans is part of the content & community team at Carly is obsessed with interior design trends and how new technology influences design.

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