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You absolutely should have standards, but let’s discuss how expectations may hinder growth.

Expectations — do you find them to be positive or negative?

I have noticed a negative connotation being associated with expectations.

But I don’t think it has to be that way. And we don’t need to hold ourselves to impossible standards.

Think about it — who puts the expectations on us? Usually, we do it to ourselves.


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It’s what we perceive others expect from us or what we THINK they expect. But is that the reality of the situation or is that simply what we’re projecting?

Also, what we expect from others may also be a skewed perception. Mull on that a bit.

Expectations can be raised or lowered accordingly. They are not set in stone.

Use them as a way to set goals, perhaps, or adjust if you surpass one and find it to be a “low” expectation… or prove someone wrong, even. Try not to attach it to your self-worth or identity, however.

What is an expectation you need to adjust for yourself or someone else??

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