Affiliate - When it's Time to Add a Team Member

When you begin hiring a team and affirming your decisions, it can be incredibly intimidating and sometimes a bit terrifying.

“What if I HIRE a team member and it doesn’t work?” – Me when hiring my first team member and really at EVERY pivotal moment in my life.
You overanalyze and find a justification for just about any and every thought that rolls through your mind – positive or negative.
Part of you WANTS to trust that with SUPPORT and more TIME BACK your business will soar.
You want to trust your gut and push past the limitations of doing everything yourself.
–but part of you shudders at the idea of handing off your hard work to someone else to take care of and complete.
  • Will it be how you want it done?
  • Will it be MORE work for you in the long run?
As you grow, will any balls be dropped or can you keep up?
  • Is it still going to sound like you and will you provide the same value??
  • Will you feel like a fraud if someone else is doing some of the heavy lifting?
I won’t lie to you…
There’s ALWAYS a RISK involved of the UNKNOWN…
–but there’s one thing I do know. The hardest part is the first step in every scenario.
AND DEEP in your gut, you know that this IS the thing keeping you from growing and scaling your business with less stress.
You won’t ever know if you don’t try.
And once you do try, you can make adjustments when you discover what does work. Ask yourself, “What if it does work?”
Can you trust that you can handle any further steps once you accept the next level of movement and PROFIT in your business?
AFFIRM it for yourself below, “I deserve to be supported by a dream team – and I trust myself to make more money with less stress and grow.”

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