Affiliate - When it's Time to Add a Team Member

Stop doubting your worth and drowning yourself out. Highlight your strengths and see what happens!

YOU are your greatest strength.

What you have, no one can recreate. And that’s the spice that makes your business unique.

Every encounter with a client, potential client, or simply networking is special because they get a dash of your personality with each touch. 

So, don’t quiet that. In your content — audio, video, blogs, social media, etc. — keep that bit of you sprinkled throughout.

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You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’ll help surround you with those who resonate SO well with what you put out into the universe. That great, wide, huge universe.

Then, just follow up YOU with whatever it is you are enjoying and love. What a smokin’ combination that will be.

Tell me — what is it that YOU do well??

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